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🟩 Easy ($)

Album Cover Design


Create Landing Pages

Create Logos

Create Video Ads

Product Descriptions

Proofreading and Editing

Subtitles and Captions

TikTok & Short-Form

Video Editor

Write Job Descriptions / Ads

YouTube Thumbnails

🟧 Medium ($$)

Audio Editing

Email Marketing

Email Newsletter

Make YouTube Videos

Narrate Audiobooks & Videos

Photo Editing

Real Estate Ads

Research Summaries

Sell Activity Books

Sell AI Art

Sell Coloring Books

Social Media Manager

Stock Music


🟥 Hard ($$$)

AI Consultant

AI Personal Assistant

Create Chatbot Solutions

Create Chrome Extensions

Data Analysis

Data Extraction Business

Meal Planner App

Name Generator App

Presentations For Businesses

Print on Demand Store

SEO Agency